​​​HD Mobile Trailer Capabilities

  • Tricaster TCX-860 AE - 8 simultaneous live video sources, in any combination. ISO recording of all 8 camera inputs, simultaneously HD-SDI, HD Component, SD-SDI, SD Component & 8 Virtual Inputs, 2 primary DSK channels and dedicated upstream overlay per virtual input. Tricaster 850CS Live Control Surface (Switcher Panel). Depending on show requirements, can be manned with as few as 3 Technicans in truck.ScoreBoard - Graphics Outfitters SCOREHD Skins and SCORE OCR Automated Scoreboard. *Intergrated Scoreboard Data into Tricaster System, Clock, Score and a Spotzcast Scorebot.
  • Cameras - 7 Sony NXR-NX5U Cameras with 20x Lenses with 1.6x Digital Extenders. 4 Marshal HD Monitors with Sony Adapters for Camera Studio kits. 5 Varizoom Pro Zoom/Focus Controllers. 4 Manfrotto 535 Tripods - 503 Pro Fluid Heads. 2 Custom Shoulder Camera Supports 4500 ft of Fibre and HD-SDI Camera Cables *Other Cameras with Long Lenses available on separate price quote basis.
  • Replay & Content Record - 3 Play 440 Replay System - 4 In/2 Out with controller. Panasonic AG-HMR-10 SDCard Recorder - HD AVC Video 180 minutes Rec. In PH mode 1920 x 1080 pixels using a 32 GB SDHC Memory Card. DVD Player/Recorder and a Technec 5 disk duplicator.
  • GRAPHICS - Newtek LIVETEXT System (Dual Computer System) Integrated DataLink application to display real-time data and instant updates Real-time clock and date displays embedded in title pages and remote control over title creation and management.
  • ​Intercom - Telex MS-2001 (2) Channel Com System with 4 channel expantion for 6 channels of com. Eartec COMSTAR full duplex wireless(2)Channel Wireless Com integrated into Telex intercom. Radios typically used for handheld wireless cameras and or sideline/RedHat. 6 Scrambler SC-1000 PLUS 2 way radios with headsets or earpiece and microphone.
  • Wireless Camera Systems - (2)Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 HD Wireless Camera System-0 Delay 3G-SDI (2000' TX-RX). (2)Teradek Bolt Pro HD Wireless Camera System-0 Delay 3G-SDI (300' TX-RX) (1) RF Central 5.8 Gig Camera System - SD (1600' TX-RX). These systems are used for shoulder mount cameras typically, (Example sidelines, Interviews).
  • Audio - Behring 24 channel Sound Board - EURODESK SK2442FX, 3 Sennheiser Broadcast Headsets  -  HMD 25-1, 3 Audio-Technica Broadcast Headset - BPHS1. A 300 foot Rapco Audio Snake with 8 channels of XLR. 2500 ft of XLR Audio Cable  Primarily Beldon cables XLR male to XLR female. Various Wireless Mics, Handhels/Lapel, 1 Sony PGXD4 Digital Lapel Wireless, Dual Channel Azden 330UPR System with 2 35BT lapel mics and 2 35XT plug in transmitters for stick mics. For Wired, (4) Sure VP64A (1) EV RE50B (1) Sony ECM 672 Shotgun (2) Sony ECM-44b Lapel Mics.
  • Fiber - (4) Black Magic ATEM with master station and Clearcom interface . All fiber is LC to LC connectors. (3) AJA FIDO-2 transmitter and receiver Dual channel SD/HD/3G SDI Optical Fiber(6 channels total). 3500 feet of fiber.
  • Light kit - Smith-Victor 401405 SL300 KIT 3-Light 1800-Watt Softlight Location Kit.
  • 22 foot octagon JIB with remote head and controls( 45 pound capability)